Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Prague - The Nightlife

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Panthère rousse said...

I just started reading this travel blog, through the link on your other blog, and I went to the beginning to read all of it. I wish I had the courage to take the numerous notebooks from my trips in Europe and above all, from my 2-year trip (1982-1984), and look at the slides buried in a cupboard, to write my memoirs too... I went to Prague 2 times,in 83 and in 1990, and I loved it. All those church steeples that seemed to come directly from a fairy tale! So many interesting buildings.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the story.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Danielle. I'm glad you like it and are interested in following along. It has been fun to relive and remember all this stuff. The reason I decided to do it was because I started scanning many of my old slides and negatives and it has been 15 years. Seemed like a good time to document it.

Prague must have been very interesting in 83 since it was still communist. It's definitely a city I would like to return to.

Anonymous said...

I’ve been to Prague many times and I never get sick of it, in fact it’s always too sad to leave Prague, all that ritual…airport, check in, boarding. I always leave nostalgic. I love the small streets and the mystic environment, its like magnet to me. Walking from street to street, even if alone always makes me feel so small but at the same time so well connected to the city. I found the city very safe, as you can check in this link form the government. I never had a problem for being out until late and alone or ever saw any incident.
What I also enjoy in this city is the night life, the Prague music clubs are all so cozy and have such a nice environment and decoration and make you want to stay long. If you or any of your friends want to go there again I leave you here a nice site with good clubs to go. Incredible how beer can be so cheap!!