Thursday, August 25, 2005


I have caught a writing bug. Specifically jotting down my memories. It is one thing to remember the past, but to put it down on paper requires that you think about it a bit more deeply and try to remember the details.

One important aspect of my past is the time I spent in Europe. To date, I have flown there five times and in aggregate spent about 19 months there. The first stay was for nine months in 1991-1992 on a study abroad program in Versailles, France. During that time we had a total of two free months of travel time not including weekend excursions. The second trip was during spring break 1995 where I visited my girlfriend at the time and we tooled around the French countryside with a car borrowed from a friend. The third stay was again nine months in 1995-1996 where I helped my girlfriend/fiance finish her thesis. During that third stay, I made a trip home in January. The fifth trip was a two week trip to London in 2000 for work to learn a computer modeling program. My boss, who is Irish and had lived in London, came with. He helped give London a perspective I had only heard about.

As with my time here in Montreal, being away from home puts a different emphasis on memories because of the differences and the new experiences. A wave of nostalgia has come over me and I have this feeling it would be good to document those times from the past.

So that is the purpose of this blog. To have something to refer to or look back upon in the future. If I have visitors or there are people who are interested in the memoirs, all the better.